The Second Helvetic Confession

Table of Contents

    Historical Note
1   Of the Holy Scripture Being the True Word of God
2   Of Interpreting the Holy Scriptures; and of Fathers, Councils, and Traditions
3   Of God, His Unity and Trinity
4   Of Idols or Images of God, Christ and The Saints
5   Of the Adoration, Worship and Invocation of God Through the Only Mediator Jesus Christ
6   Of the Providence of God
7   Of the Creation of All Things: Of Angels, the Devil, and Man
8   Of Man's Fall, Sin and the Cause of Sin
9   Of Free Will, and Thus of Human Powers
10   Of the Predestination of God and the Election of the Saints
11   Of Jesus Christ, True God and Man, the Only Savior of the World
12   Of the Law of God
13   Of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, of the Promises, and of the Spirit and Letter
14   Of Repentance and the Conversion of Man
15   Of the True Justification of the Faithful
16   Of Faith and Good Works, and of Their Reward, and of Man's Merit
17   Of the Catholic and Holy Church of God, and of The One Only Head of The Church
18   Of the Ministers of the Church, Their Institution and Duties
19   Of the Sacraments of the Church of Christ
20   Of Holy Baptism
21   Of the Holy Supper of the Lord
22   Of Religious and Ecclesiastical Meetings
23   Of the Prayers of the Church, of Singing, and of Canonical Hours
24   Of Holy Days, Fasts and the Choice of Foods
25   Of Catechizing and Comforting and Visiting the Sick
26   Of the Burial of the Faithful, and of the Care To Be Shown for the Dead; of Purgatory, and the Appearing of Spirits
27   Of Rites, Ceremonies and Things Indifferent
28   Of the Possessions of the Church
29   Of Celibacy, Marriage and the Management of Domestic Affairs
30   Of the Magistracy