The 197th General Assembly (PCUSA, 1985) made its own the action of the 177th General Assembly (PCUS, 1977) with reference to A Declaration of Faith which is as follows: "That 'A Declaration of Faith' be adopted as a contemporary statement of faith, a reliable aid for Christian study, liturgy, and inspiration . . . " (Minutes, PCUS, 1977, Part I, p. 168), with the understanding that only the current Book of Confessions has constitutional standing.


Chapter 1   The Living God
Chapter 2   The Maker and Ruler of All
Chapter 3   God and the People of Israel
Chapter 4   God in Christ
Chapter 5   God the Holy Spirit
Chapter 6   The Word of God
Chapter 7   The Christian Church
Chapter 8   The Christian Mission
Chapter 9   Christian Discipleship
Chapter 10   Hope in God

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Thanks to Bruce Gillette for transcribing this text.