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The Scots Confession

The Blue of the Shield - The background color of the Church of Scotland.

The Tartan, X-shaped Cross - A form called St. Andrew's Cross, he being the apostle who brought the gospel to Scotland. The tartan, or plaid, is that of the Hamilton clan in honor of the first martyr of the Scottish Reformation, Patrick Hamilton.

The Celtic Cross - Another ancient form associated with Christians of the British Isles.

The Ship - A symbol for the Church; the Confession contains a remarkable, strong doctrine of the Church.

The Bible and the Sword - Paul called the word of God "The sword of the Spirit," and the sharpness of John Knox's preaching of the Word was major power for reformation in Scotland.

The Burning Bush which is Not Consumed - Reminding us of Moses' Sinai experience, thus a symbol of God's presence and call: the chief symbol of the Church of Scotland.