These Catechisms of the Baltimore Series are arranged on a progressive plan. No. 00 gives the Prayers and Acts to be learned before the study of the Catechisms begins:-No. 0 contains one half the questions of No. 1 ; No. 1 half the questions of No. 2; No. 2 one-third the questions of No. 3, and No. 4 (an Explanation of the Baltimore Catechism) furnishes much additional information with copious explanations and examples.

The same questions bear the same numbers throughout the series, and their wording is identical. The different sizes of type make the Catechisms more suitable to their respective grades, smaller children usually requiring larger print.

Apart from its educational advantages, the progressive plan aims at lessening the expense in providing children with Catechisms, by furnishing just what is necessary for each grade; it aims also at encouraging the children to learn, by affording opportunity for promotion from book to book.

These Catechisms are intended to furnish a complete course of religious instruction, when, used as follows:


Rev. Thomas L. Kinkead

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