Chapter 13

Of Sanctification

1 I. The description of sanctification
A. Its inception in definitive sanctification
B. Its increase in progressive sanctification
1. Its character: "really and personally"
2. Its source: "through the same virtue"
3. Its means: "by his Word and Spirit"
4. Its substance:
Negatively, sin is weakened and mortified
Positively, grace is quickened and strengthened
5. Its necessity: "without which no man shall see the Lord"
2-3 II. The distinctives of sanctification
2 A. Struggle with sin
1. The roots of this struggle
2. The nature of this struggle
3. The combatants in this struggle
3 B. Progress in grace
1. The difficulty of this progress
2. The certainty of this progress
3. The quality of this progress

From: Samuel E. Waldron, A Modern Exposition of the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith, (Evangelical Press, 1989), p174. Used by permission.