The Scots Confession

A. D. 1560 - John Knox

Table of Contents

1   God
2   The Creation of Man
3   Original Sin
4   The Revelation of the Promise
5   The Continuance, Increase, and Preservation of the Kirk
6   The Incarnation of Jesus Christ
7   Why the Mediator Had to Be True God and True Man
8   Election
9   Christ's Death, Passion, and Burial
10   The Resurrection
11   The Ascension
12   Faith in the Holy Ghost
13   The Cause of Good Works
14   The Works Which Are Counted Good Before God
15   The Perfection of the Law and The Imperfection of Man
16   The Kirk
17   The Immortality of Souls
18   The Notes by Which the True Kirk Shall Be Determined From The False, and Who Shall Be Judge of Doctrine
19   The Authority of the Scriptures
20   General Councils, Their Power, Authority, and the Cause of Their Summoning
21   The Sacraments
22   The Right Administration of the Sacraments
23   To Whom Sacraments Appertain
24   The Civil Magistrate
25   The Gifts Freely Given to the Kirk

Historical Note

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Presbyterian Creedal Standards

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